Roaming the Known

Once a student is chosen to take part in Reading Recovery, he/she will be tested via the Observation Survey. This tells me what the student can and cannot do independently. There is no point in teaching the student what is already known. I want to find out what is almost known, or partially known, or not known at all. I want to know what confusions the student has and what poor habits have been established.
To get to know the student more fully, before the formal Reading Recovery lessons begin, we have10 sessions called Roaming the Known.
Briefly the purpose is to:
•Stay within the comfort zone of the student, i.e. the known. (Feel positive about coming.)
•Build up confidence. (Nothing too challenging yet.)
•Show the child what he/she knows. (Already has had some success.)
•Build a teacher – child relationship. (Feel comfortable to take risks in front of the teacher.)
•Play letter / word games. (Learning can be fun.)
•Establish a box of known books- easy. (Here are some books l can read myself.)
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