Reading prompts

  As you listen to your child read you will hear when he or she becomes stuck. Always give a little wait time (3-4 seconds) before you intervene because your child may be able to solve the tricky word independently.

If not, you will want to prompt your child to try something before you tell the word.


  • Look at the picture. Can it help you? (e.g. What is the bird doing? Where is it?)
  • Get your mouth ready with the 1st sound in the word. (e.g. The bird is on the t____)
  • Think of what word would make sense that starts with that letter. (e.g. tiny?  tree?)
  • Still stuck? Look for chunks in the word that might help you read it. (e.g. tr-ee)
  • Try skipping over the hard word and reading to the end of the sentence. Now go back and reread. Keep thinking about what word would make sense in that sentence. (e.g. The bird is on the t___ in a nest.)
  • When you think you know what the tricky word is, crosscheck your reading by thinking: 1 Does it make sense? 2 Does it look right? 3 Does it sound right?
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