Solving tricky words

Here are some prompts you could try at home when your child needs help to solve a word. (From



Get your lips readye.g. Ben can cat__ the big red ball. (1st part of word and reading on. May then be enough information to predict the whole word.)

Stretch it oute.g. r-e-d / red

Chunk the worde.g. c-at-ch  /  cat-ch / catch

Skip it, hop backe.g. Ben can ______ the big red ball. (Leave out the tricky word. Read on to end. Go back to the start of the sentence and try again with more meaning known.)

Flip the vowelVowels (a e i o u) can be said different ways. Sometimes the student will need to try more than one way of saying the vowel within a word, before he or she can hear a word that would make sense, e.g. a can have the short sound like it has in catch or it can have a long sound like it has in made.

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