Helpful prompts for writing

Here are some prompts that you might use when your child is writing at home:

  • How do you think it will start? (e.g. t_____, tr____)
  • Can you write more? (e.g. tr-ee)
  • What could you try? Think about _______ (…how it sounds, / …another word like that you know, /  …how you wrote _____).
  • What do you know that might help? (e.g. a rhyming word- fall / ball)
  • If you can write ________, you can write _______. (e.g. day / way)
  • Do you know another word that sounds like that? (e.g. come / some)
  • Stretch it. (Say it slowly.) What can you hear? (e.g. t-ee-th)
  • Have you heard another word that starts that way? (e.g. stop / stay)
  • Have you heard another word that ends like that? (e.g. going / playing)
  • Remind your child of what is known when reading, to use when writing. (e.g. You read that word when __________ {Recently read book}.)
  • Can you see it in your mind / head? What does it look like? (e.g. very)
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