Prompts for fluency

See the post below this one to read about the importance of fluency.
Choose the prompts that work for you and your child:
  • Are you listening to yourself?
  • Did it sound good?
  • Let’s put ‘here comes’ together quickly.
  • Can you read this quickly?
  • Put all the words together so that it sounds like talking.
  • How would you say that?
  • Make it sound like …..(a favourite book read well).
  • Read it all smoothly.
  • Make your voice go down at the end of the sentence.
  • Make your voice go up at the end of the question.
  • Change your voice when you see these marks on the page. (! ? “ “)
  • Can you talk in a little voice like Baby Bear?
  • How would you sound if you were …. (cross, scared, excited, laughing etc.)?

Click on the picture of the boy reading if you wish to view a YouTube video about fluency.

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