Share the reading

To vary home reading, you can sometimes share reading the book. Take turns reading a whole page, or a part of a page, to each other. This is useful if you are in a hurry (it will take less time to read if you are reading half of it), or if your child is not so keen to read that day (make it more fun).
Children are great at copying what the adult is doing. If you add lots of enthusiasm and drama, so will your child. Encourage him or her  to add  expression by using different voices for the different characters,  and varying the volume (e.g. loud and soft voices) and pace (e.g. faster for excitement, slower to emphasize something).

The character might sound angry or be scared or be laughing etc. A tiny mouse will have a different voice to a roaring lion. Children enjoy hearing adults change their voices as they read- the sillier the better!

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