Praise your child

Praising your child during and after reading is the most important way you can help your child to become a better reader. Remember, you don’t have to be the teacher, just the caring parent. You might say things like- You sounded great when you read that page. I love the way you went back to fix that word. You noticed that bit didn’t sound right- good job!

Other positive things you could look out for and praise are:

  • You put your words together. You made it sound like talking.
  • You tried to work it out all by yourself.
  • You tried another way.
  • You used your finger to break the word apart.
  • You thought about the first sound and it helped you.
  • You read that again and started the tricky word.
  • You tried it again and you made it match.
  • You found out what was wrong all by yourself.
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