What is Visualizing?

Visualizing is the movie you make in your mind or the pictures you see in your mind as you are reading. This helps you to understand the story or the information better.

Tasks to support visualizing might be:

  • Draw a part in the story that made a detailed picture in your mind. (E.g. I’m drawing the dinosaurs running from the fire. There is a lot black smoke and fire on the trees and some burnt dinosaurs.)
  • What word choices or sentences did the author use that helped your visualizations? (Examples: ‘fat furry caterpillar’, ‘in the dark, dark woods’, ‘roaring fire’, lightning flashed across the sky’, ‘scary’, ‘enormous’)

Your children are asked to describe what they can see in their minds as they are reading in the classroom. Occasionally you might  like to try this at home. It helps you to check that the children are understanding what the author is telling them.

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