Choosing a book to read

During the holidays is a great time to be reading! Local libraries are full of books (and magazines and e-books) and they are free to borrow! Children mainly choose books  for 2 reasons:

  1. They are interested in a book but it is beyond their reading ability, and someone else is required to read it to them. Spending time reading to your child can be a great bonding time.
  2. They like to find a book they can read themselves. This should be encouraged too because it is easy to forget your reading skills if you are not using them.

When children are choosing books for themselves they can use this ‘I Pick Just Right Books’ poster from

If the children are going to read the books themselves, the main things to consider are the last 2 points. Is there enough pictorial support, and enough known words for the child to be able to have a really good go at reading it independently? If not, and the child still wants to borrow the book, it can become a ‘read to’ or ‘read with’ book.

Here is a handy tip from to help you decide if a book is too hard or ‘just right’.


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