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As we are reading, we always need to be checking that what we read makes sense. If it does not sound right, we usually go back and look at the words again to try to fix the problem. For this second reading we will probably look more carefully at the letters within the words, and change the words for ones that would look right AND make sense.

From the beginning of Reading Recovery, we want the students to  cross check what they are reading which requires them to constantly think and check.

Do the words look right?

E.g. If l read the word cat but the word is dog then the word will not LOOK right.

Does it sound right?

E.g. If l read Have is a dog instead of Here is a dog then it will not SOUND right because that is not the way we would say it.

Does it make sense?

E.g. If l read The duck is eating a bone instead of The dog is eating a bone then it will not MAKE SENSE, especially if the picture has a dog and no duck.

Students need to be able to ask themselves if their reading looks right, sounds right and makes sense in order for them to know when it is necessary to pause and fix up the errors, instead of just continuing to read. It is also a way of working out a tricky word, e.g. What could look like that word, sound right and make sense in that sentence? The ____ is eating a bone?

 You can help your child at home by prompting him / her to check if the reading makes sense, sounds right and looks right, and then ask ‘What else could it be?’.

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