Why do easy books get sent home?

girl home readingIf you have read a previous post relating to Familiar Reading you will know that students have their own boxes of books for Reading Recovery.

These books are read often and become familiar. Every day 2 or 3 familiar books are read to give the student the chance to be phrased and fluent (sound like a good reader).

When books are reread the meaning is already known and more effort can go into looking at the print. Each time the student rereads a book there is an opportunity to notice something that has never been noticed before, e.g. at and cat look similar.

The student chooses a homework book from the familiar books that were read that day. It should sound quite easy, but it may still have some opportunities for the child to notice any errors that have been made, and use known ways of rereading and fixing the errors.

The purpose of the book coming home is an opportunity for the child to read to family members and to practise and ‘show off’ the new skills. As it is a familiar book, it should give the student confidence to read to others. The child should be praised for sounding better than before, fixing errors, and trying more than one way of solving words.

The student has a new book at school every day. It is chosen because it has just a few happy booknew opportunities for learning. If a book was chosen that was too hard, it would not encourage a desire to keep trying, and coming to Reading Recovery.

If a book was sent home that was too hard it would not encourage a desire to read. We do not want reading at home, or at school, to be an unpleasant experience. We all learn more when we feel positive about the experience.

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