Setting goals

We are currently trialling setting a goal for each Reading Recovery student based upon his / her current needs. This goal is written on a slip of paper with an accompanying picture.

E.g. mouth ready    look and sound

The goal is placed on the outside of the personal reading box on the student’s classroom table. It is to be used as a reminder every time the student reads. At the beginning and end of each Reading Recovery lesson, he / she revisits the goal and evaluates the progress, and success, of achieving the goal.

We are aiming for a new goal each week. Past goals will sometimes need to be revisited. When a new goal is given, the past goal will be placed at the back of the Homework Pasting  Book. You could become familiar with the goals and help your child by asking how he / she is progressing toward achieving the goal.

got itThe students make a judgement on how they are going thumb downby giving a thumbs up (for success), a thumbs down (for needing a lot of extra attention) or a thumb pointing 1/2 way (part way there, needs more attention).

more practice

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