Some ways to help with reading

Be positive. Praise your children for trying. Let them know it’s OK to make mistakes. We learn by trial and error.boy and girl

Be aware of distractions. Turn off the TV! It’s easier  to concentrate on reading if there are no distractions.
Give them time. Let them make a guess before you tell  the word. Then give a prompt to try something. (See Wait timeSolving Tricky Words, Useful Prompts)
Point with a finger. Encourage them to follow the words with a finger- if they are only looking at the pictures, or if they are adding / leaving out words.
Don’t make them try too hard! It does not matter if you have to tell them the word sometimes.
Let them read their favourite books. It’s good practice to read the same books over and over again. (See Familiar Reading.)
Ask questions. Check they understand the story by asking them questions about what happens. Use the pictures to explain what’s happening. (See Useful Promptsscroll down to Comprehension. Book introductions.)

Don’t read for too long. An agreeable ten minutes is better than a difficult half hour.

Follow the links if you would like some more information.

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