Reading Aloud To Children

Reading aloud to children is important because it helps them pick up information and skills reading in bedthey need including:

  • The link between spoken and written words.
  • The meaning of words.
  • The difference between book language (e.g. Once upon a time…) and everyday conversation.
  • The pleasure of reading.

Children’s reading experts agree that reading aloud is the easiest and most effective way to turn children into lifelong readers.

A child whose day includes listening to rhyming stories, funny stories and rhythmic stories is more likely to grow up loving books. And a child who loves books will want to learn to read them.

Continue reading aloud after your children can read. All readers will enjoy listening to books that they can’t yet manage on their own.

Set aside a special time every day to read aloud to your children. Before bedtime is a popular time, but do whatever works best for you.

As you read aloud, encourage your children to participate. Invite them to describe pictures, read bits they remember, or guess what will happen next. Dramatize roles in the story with them.

Vary what you read, returning to old favourites, and introducing your children to new lots-of-books-image-ok8axu.jpgstories.

Give books as presents and rewards. Libraries are a great source of a variety books.

There are many lists of good books for children. 

happy book

happy book happy book

Click on any picture in this post to take you to titles of good books to read aloud.

Some of you will be able to read and share stories in more than one language!


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