Slow check and sound boxes

slow check

The aim is for the Reading Recovery student  to learn a variety of strategic actions (ways of working out words and meaning).

One of our new Reading Recovery goal strips is  ‘Slow check the word as if it is in boxes’.

During the writing component of the lesson, the student has been shown how to match sounds to (probable) letters through the use of sound boxes. The student pushes counters into boxes  as  he / she slowly says the word. This is repeated until all the sounds are heard and represented.

During reading, this knowledge of sound boxes can be used to match  letters to  (probable) sounds to solve a word. The student runs his / her finger underneath the unknown word to slowly look through the word as if it was in sound boxes, and chooses sounds that could match those letters, e.g. l-i-tt-le.

elkoninClick on the picture if you would like to learn more about (Elkonin) sound boxes.


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