Attempting the new book

readingbookAt the end of each Reading Recovery lesson a new book is introduced to the student. The student holds the book and  looks at the pages to get the meaning of the story, tries out new language structures and vocabulary (e.g. Where oh where is Teddy Bear?), and sometimes locates a few words (e.g. Can you find the word for present?). (See Book Introduction)

After the introduction, the student does a first reading of the new book. During this reading the teacher provides support, if required. The book has been carefully chosen by the teacher because it has a few new challenges for the student. It should not be too easy or too hard. The support will look different across each lesson based on the student’s reading actions. If the student gets stuck, the teacher will prompt the student to try a known strategy.

The teacher may prompt the student to:

  • search the print and pictures for clues,
  • reread to regather meaning,
  • discover how words look (e.g. This word looks a bit like {a known word}.),
  • problem solve (What else can you try? Reread. Take the word apart. Skip the word and go back.),
  • check his/her reading (Did that make sense / look right?),
  • self correct (locate and fix the error),
  • and think about the story (What is the author telling me on this page?).

Some small errors may be ignored by the teacher. This leaves some reading work for the child to try to solve independently on the next day’s running record.

Click on this picture if you would like to view a YouTube video about the Introduction and First Reading of a new book. 

first reading

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