Flip the vowel

vowelsVowels (a e i o u) can be said different ways, e.g. a can have the short sound like it has in catch or it can have a long sound like it has in made. Sometimes the student will need to try more than one way of saying the vowel within a word, before he or she can hear something that would make sense, e.g. The boy was on a bike. At first the student might say bik. If you ask what other sound i can have, your child is prompted to try something else that can lead to successful word solving.

Here’s a YouTube video called The Long and Short Vowels Song.vowel song
flip the vYou may like to download this poster from First Grade Wow.

apple – ape,  elephant – eagle
(the e in egg is easier to hear than elephant)

igloo – icecream,  octopus – oval

umbrella- unicorn

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