Making connections

connectionsOne of the ways that students  understand / comprehend their books is to make connections between what they are reading with their own lives / experiences, and to make connections / comparisons with other books / media that they have read / seen.
Making connections to your own life: text to self (examples)

That dog reminds me of Uncle Ben’s dog.
This reminds me of the time we made a snowman.
This girl is good at skipping like me.

Making connections to other books: text to text (examples)

In  Come To Bed Jack he is playing with the red car that he got in Jack’s Birthday.
The Big Bad Wolf book and The Three Little Pigs  have the same characters.
Baby Bear was clever in this book and the penguins were clever in the Clever Penguins book.

Making connections to the world / media: (examples)

This book is about swimming and there is swimming at the Commonwealth Games.
This book about Chinese kites reminds me of the ones we saw on Youtube.

To find out more about making connections click on the picture to view a Youtube clip from Into the Book | Making Connections. making con into book

You can help your child by modelling / telling  the connections that you are making as you are listening to your child read.

You can also ask your child what connections he / she is thinking about, before, during, or after reading.


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