child-closed-eyes-6939178Another reading strategy that your children learn in the classroom is to visualize, or make a picture in their minds, as they are reading. This helps them to better understand what is happening. Often the teacher will read aloud a part of a book and ask the children to close their eyes and create pictures in their minds as she is reading. When she has finished, she asks the students to turn and talk to a partner and they each describe the mental pictures that they made. As well as helping them to remember what they heard, this strategy helps them to understand what the text / story meant as they search for the words to describe what they saw.

You could ask your child to use this strategy at home. One of you could read to the other. The one who is not reading is to tell the other one what was visualized, i.e. describe the picture that you could see in your mind.visualising

This YouTube video shows a teacher reading a poem to her Year One class. The students visualize the poem and then describe what they saw to a partner. Click on this picture of a girl to view it.

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