graduateIt has been a very busy time as all of my students have recently been discontinued from Reading Recovery. What is discontinuation? When the student is finished the series of lessons , he or she is tested again and either deemed to be discontinued or referred. Discontinued students have reached an acceptable level of achievement and should continue to make progress without daily intervention. Referred students are recommended for further investigation, e.g. by a speech therapist or another expert. If the student is not ready to finish, and has not reached 20 weeks, he / she will continue Reading Recovery.

It is recommended that 20 weeks is the maximum number of weeks that the student remains on the program. Many students, especially in the second half of the year, are ready to finish before this time. Once the student is discontinued, he or she is carefully monitored by the class teacher to ensure that enough support is still given in the classroom. We do not want anyone to slip back into using unhelpful habits, e.g. slow word-by-word reading or asking for help without trying at least 2 ways of working it out first.

successful readingIt is very important that your discontinued child keeps on reading at home. Learning does not stop once Reading Recovery does. The more students read, the better readers they will be, and reading will become even more enjoyable .

parents-after-lessonsClick on the  pictures below for some more information about how you can support your discontinued child.

reading at home

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