Consonant blends

consonant blendsThe vowels of the alphabet are a e i o u. The rest of the letters in the alphabet are consonants. Many of our Reading Recovery students can give a sound for each letter but they have difficulty blending 2 consonants together, e.g. bl, br, fr, gr.

The Ladybug’s Teacher website has 2 free pages of consonant blends which you may like to print for your child. You could put them on the fridge, or where your child can see them, and say them. You could cut them out and introduce 1 or 2 new ones at a time. You might have your child think of other words that have the same blend, e.g. play, plane, place. You could search for words with the same blend in magazines, books, newspapers etc.

Every little bit of help at home helps with what he or she is learning at school.

Click on the picture to take you to the Ladybug’s Teacher Files site.

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