Reading Goals

slow checkEarlier in the year l wrote a post about setting reading goals for each Reading Recovery student. The goal is placed on the independent reading box in the classroom, as well as being positioned where the student can see it during each Reading Recovery lesson.

Sometimes the goal is changed each week, and sometimes it is kept for a little longer. Occasionally the same goal is revisited more than once. Some goals are very similar to previous goals.

As l wrote previously, when a new goal is given, the past goal will be placed at the back of the Homework Pasting  BookYou could become familiar with the newest goal that your child has and help by asking how he / she is progressing toward achieving it.

Here are some of the strategies that are used as goals:

Quickly turn the page and check the picture.
Look from left to right.
Check it sounds to end
Check it looks right.
Check it makes sense.
Think about the story.
Go back and try again.
Stop and take a breath at a fullstop.
Check if the words look right and sound right.
Don’t read too slowly.
Do not read too fast.
Put the words together like talking.
Point to the words.
Only use your finger when it is tricky.
Check the ending.
Read to the end of the word.
Try something else.look and sound
Chunk it. Put it together.
Skip it and go back.
Think of a word like it.
“Change your voice”.
Try saying it a different way.
Look for letters that go together.
Search for a part you know.
Slide through the whole word.
Blend the letters together.
Use your eyes to sweep the word.
If it doesn’t sound right or look right, stop and think.
Stretch out the word.
Skip the hard word and read on.
Guess the word and check it.
Look through the word and think about the story.

Each goal, with an accompanying picture, is explained to the student when it is chosen as being the most suitable strategy for that time. There is no set order. Your child will be doing many of these strategies without needing a goal slip.

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