Sight Vocabulary

sight wordsStudents need to build up their own  bank of words that they can quickly read or write in order to free up more time and energy to constantly solve new words.

There are many word games, songs and animations on the internet that can help your child to learn some ‘high frequency’ words (words that we often use) and some common letter clusters (e.g. sh, tr).

You will find some examples at:

If you continue to follow the links from the You Tube and Pinterest sites you will find many more. Some links are free but be aware that some of the links are to sites that are advertising products that are for sale. I am NOT suggesting that you buy any of these.

You can never predict which games and songs will engage the children.simple

This simple sentence making ‘game’ was very popular with one of my students.



sight words match                                       This word matching activity was also simple and popular.

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