Holiday reading

reading in bedThere are only 2 more weeks of school before the long summer break. We all look forward to the holidays – YAY! – but at the same time l do not want my Reading Recovery graduates to lose the momentum of all the learning that they have been doing.

I am hoping that your child will read to you every day. I am always suggesting that parents join up to the local library so that there is a regular supply of books at home. There are also links to many e-books on the Fun Links page.

If reading is a fun time, your child will want to read. Find a place to read that is comfortable and has little distractions, e.g. not in front of the television. Set aside a time to read, e.g. before bed. It is a great time to unwind and relax. It can become a routine that your child looks forward to sharing with you.

Before reading a new book make predictions together about what it might be about. Look through the pictures and talk about it first, using some of the trickier words that you can see on the page during the discussion so that your child has those words already in his or her memory bank. You and your child will be using your own life experiences to understand what the author is telling the readers.

Encouragement should be provided through words and actions, e.g. lots of praise and a big hug. A main goal is for these boy with booksreaders to monitor their own reading. This means that they need to know when they have made an error. If your child makes an error, give him / her a chance to notice that it isn’t correct instead of immediately correcting the error. You could ask – Does it look right? Does it sound right? Does it make sense?

You may need to prompt your child to reread, or chunk the parts of the word e.g. st-art-ed, or to think about the story or to search for something that is known. You could ask- What else can you try? If the reading is sounding too hard don’t keep your child reading that book. You can take over and explain that it is a sharing book.  The aim is that your child will want to read again the next day.

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