End of school year

happy holidays

Enjoys your holidays everyone! It’s been another great year for Reading Recovery. All of our students have completed their series of lessons and we look forward to catching up with the brand new Year Ones next year.

Keep reading and writing throughout the holidays. Your child might like to make a holiday diary to share with the class when he / she returns to school next year.

interactive sitesThere are many educational interactive sites for students to use during the holidays.




christmas storiesThere are also many Christmas stories on You Tube to watch.



rainbow fishThere are  many other stories that are read aloud on You Tube.



storyboard creatorYou might like to explore creating stories online using a website like Storyboard That.




story makerStory Maker is another online site for creating stories.

Have a safe holiday. See you back at school in 2015!christmas-elf-waving


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