How can l help my child at home?

sharing brochureIt’s important that children understand what they are reading. That’s why we talk about the pictures before we ask our students to read a book.

This excellent brochure – Sharing Books With Children from has some very useful tips.

“The way you talk with your children as you read books together makes a difference in their being ready to learn to read.” For example:

  • Use conversations around the pictures to improve children’s vocabulary (known words) and comprehension (understanding).
  • Ask ‘what’ questions: What’s this? Leave some time for your child to think and answer.
  • Add a little more information. That’s right. It’s a cow. A baby cow is called a calf.
  • Follow answers with another question. What else can you see? / I wonder why…?
  • Relate something in the book to your child’s experience. Remember when ….. Tell me about it.

Click on the picture to read more tips in the brochure. Scroll down to Reading and then click on Sharing Books with Young Children in order to download your own copy.

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