2 Writing Lessons

I came across 2 examples of the writing component of the Reading Recovery lesson posted on You Tube by UALRCenter4Literacy.

The student is using Elkonin (sound) boxes to learn about sound to letter matches.This lesson would be quite early in the series of lessons. Pushing the counters into the boxes as he says the sounds helps him to identify where each letter needs to be written. Once he is confidently doing this he will not need the counters. Notice that the teacher asks the student to say the sounds as he is writing the word. She quickly wrote one of the words for him to move the lesson along. Often the student is asked to ‘take a word to fluency’. This is writing the same word many times to learn it. This student was asked to rewrite ‘my‘. (A word that he had already written by himself. The teacher used this known word to make a quick connection between my and me.) The teacher needs to know the student very well to be able to make quick decisions re teaching opportunities. (What does this child need at this time? What will the child need to be able to do tomorrow? What does he almost know? What will he ‘get’ if l give him this prompt / demonstration?)


This next video would be a much later lesson than the previous video. Notice the use of sound boxes (e.g. legs, about) and letter boxes (e.g. back).The student and the Reading Recovery teacher have a conversation about a shared experience to compose and write a message about tadpoles.The teacher talks about what letters he would expect to see, as well as hear. She asks him to make some of his own decisions and to check his choices. She uses some prompts rather than demonstrations to encourage independence.

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