Sit back and listen

4299468726_4edf9b067eRunning records are essential for knowing how each of my students are doing with their reading. I hear each child read 4-5 books a lesson, but it is only when l am taking a running record that the student is relying TOTALLY on his / her own decision making / strategies.

I admit that l sometimes catch myself helping during a running record (a big no no!). It is so tempting to give a little reminder / prompt when l see the student is needing just a little assistance. But if l do not let the student give a true reflection of how she / he is doing (without my help), l might presume that the student can do more than is really the case.  l would be missing out on teaching opportunities and the student could struggle with future learning.

Reading Recovery teachers often get told to take some time to sit back and LISTEN and not make presumptions about what a student does or does not know.

When you are hearing reading at home, do you help too much? Are you giving wait time to see if your child can do it without you? It doesn’t take long for the child to start waiting for help if we give it too quickly.

You may like to read more about wait time and decision making. (Click on the links.)

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