Building sentences

writingEvery day the Reading Recovery student writes a sentence or 2. During the series of lessons there should be a progression in the words that are used (vocabulary) and the complexity of the sentences (e.g. correct grammar, the use of joining words such as and, because, so).


For example, the following 3 sentences were composed by one of my students.

The truck put mud.

Jack got happy on his birthday.

Kitty Cat sat on the chair and Fat Cat got angry so he chased Kitty Cat.

The 1st sentence was written very early in his series of lessons. The 2nd sentence was written during Week 5, and the 3rd sentence was written during Week 10.

Notice the changing complexity of the sentences. This student has learnt much more about our pencillanguage from the books he has read, the conversations he has shared during his lessons, and through all of his school (and world) experiences.  Ideally his writing ability will keep up with the complexity of his reading levels.

One way you can help your child with his / her developing vocabulary and sentence structure is to ask questions that need more than a yes or no answer. Instead of saying- Fat Cat was angry wasn’t he? (Inviting a yes / no reply), invite longer responses by saying – Why do you think Fat Cat was so angry? Tell me about Kitty Cat. What was she doing? What do you think she will do next? 

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