Teacher training


Reading Recovery teachers take turns to demonstrate a lesson behind a screen / mirror to their peers and tutor. The student cannot see that he/she is being observed. The Reading Recovery tutor guides the discussions as the other teachers observe what is happening.

Teachers in their training year do this more often. Once teachers are trained they continue to meet 5-6 times a year and each teacher takes one lesson behind the screen. The purpose is to check on your own teaching methods, question why you choose to make the teaching decisions you do, and to pick up some teaching methods / prompts that have not been considered / tried before.

My Ongoing Professional Learning team met last Friday. Our timely focus was on the graduatediscontinuation of students. The maximum number of weeks for each student is usually 20 weeks. If students are discontinued before this time, the teacher needs to be confident that the student is ready to leave the daily intervention and still continue to progress within the classroom. As the holidays are going to interrupt the last few weeks of the lessons, some students may be given some extra days / weeks to finalize their Reading Recovery intervention.

Click on the top picture to watch a video of Teaching Behind The Screen.

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