Reading strategies

reading book1You might to download these excellent posters from Teacher’s Pet Displays to remind your child about some things he / she can try to solve words. Perhaps you could put them on the fridge or anywhere that they can easily be seen. You might display one or two at a time and frequently swap them.

The strategies represented on the posters are:

rs1I use the pictures to help me look for clues.
I sound out and blend the phonemes.
I look for smaller words hiding inside bigger words.
I can cut words up into syllables.
I use the punctuation to help me make sense of what l am reading.
I go back  and read a word or sentence again if l don’t understand it.


rs3I read on to see if l can make sense of a word l don’t know.
I listen to the words as l read them, to see if they make sense.
I look to see if the word looks similar to one l already know.
I imagine what is happening and create a picture in my head.
I ask questions that will help me if l don’t understand.
I know when I’ve made a mistake and l go back to try and put it right.

Click on the pictures to download the posters.

rs2A good reader has a purpose for reading.
A good reader thinks about what they already know.
A good reader makes sure they understand what they read.
A good reader looks at the pictures when possible.
A good reader predicts what will happen next.
A good reader forms pictures in their minds.
A good reader draws conclusions about what they have read.
A good reader tries to figure out new words.
A good reader keeps on practising.

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