Encouraging boys

boys reading

I was browsing the Oxford Owl website recently and l came across a video about encouraging boys to be interested in reading. After watching the video and reading the information on the same page, l came to the conclusion that all of the advice can be applied to girls as well. Click on the above link to take you to the video.

The main points are:

  • Praise your child in order to give him / her attention for positive reasons and be specific about what the praise is for.
  • Have genuine conversations that involve listening, asking questions and showing an interest in what captivates your child.
  • Expect some independence and taking responsibility from a young age.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Praise effort and let your child know that mistakes do not make you a failure. It’s how we learn.
  • Reading is for everyone including boys and men. There are many real life situations that require reading and it can be fun too.
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