Who’s doing the homework?

I have had a couple of ‘dobbers’ this week who have let slip that someone else is doing the pasting homework for them! I fully understand how tempting it must be to occasionally help your chgirl home readingild to get the task done as quickly as possible when there are other things to do. But let’s not make this a habit…

Check out the above link to read a previous post relating to the many benefits of the un-jumbling / pasting task.

Thank you for all the time you spend listening to your child read each day. Click on the picture if you would like to download a collection of articles that a reading specialist (Kendra Zannini) has put together about the importance of reading each day and ways that you can be supportive at home. (N.B. We do not tap the words, encourage pointing to words (once 1:1 matching is established) or time our students reading. Nor do we use the Neurological Impress Method suggested in the PDF.)

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