Running Records 2

In 2 earlier posts l have written about the role of Running Records to discover the student’s use of Meaning, Structure and Visual Information when word solving.

MSV made easyI recently came across a blog post called Analyzing Running Records written by Michaela from Reading Royalty.

As well as explaining what we mean by Meaning, Syntax (Structure) and Visual Information, Michaela gives an example of a running record that she has taken as she has listened to a student read.

Click on the picture to go to the blog post.

It is interesting to read her explanations relating to the errors and the self corrections that her student made. She also makes some suggestions re what she would teach next.

We are always looking for patterns of responses, e.g. the student may be predominantly only using the look of the word or only using the meaning. By looking at the types of information that our students use when a mistake is made, and looking at what additional information is used to self correct the error, we can plan what each student needs to know for future lessons.

The site also has a diagram showing the relationship between the 3 Cueing Systems (MSV). Meaning is made up of prior knowledge (past experiences), vocabulary (recognising words and understanding them) and illustrations (pictures). Structure is made up of oral language, grammar and a knowledge of English (e.g. Can you say it that way when you talk?). Visual is usually made up of sound / symbol knowledge (e.g. ‘a’ can be the sound at the beginning of apple and the beginning of ape) and analogy (e.g. that looks a bit like cat).

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