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writing checklistI have been using this checklist from Teacher’s Pet Displays during the writing section of the lesson.

I use a peg to bookmark the current page being used in each student’s writing book. The peg also holds a copy of this checklist.

Sometimes the students need a quick prompt to check their own writing. I just point to the relevant prompt on the card, e.g. the student is neglecting to use a captital letter or a full stop. Sometimes a student may write a letter backwards, or leave out a word that is needed for the sentence to make sense.

‘Interesting words’ are words that are a bit different to those that are written all the time, e.g. yummy or delicious is more interesting than nice. It also refers to varying topics or sentence starters, e.g. we don’t want every sentence to begin with ‘I like…’ or be about the same event over and over again.

Connective words are joining words (e.g. and, but, because, so) that add further detail or information to a simple sentence. The student is encouraged to use these once he /she is ready to write longer sentences, e.g. Baby Bear was hiding in the tree hole because he wanted to trick Father Bear.

Click on the checklist if you would like to have your own copy from Teacher’s Pet Displays.

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