Processing Strategies


3537327425At our last Ongoing Professional Learning session we were reminded of the reading process and the strategies that our students need to develop to become more independent readers. We had recorded samples of our students reading and we shared our observations. We were especially looking to see how often students were told a word, and how much reading work the student used before help was given. (Remember to give ‘wait time’ so that your child is actively trying something first.)

Some questions to think about as the student reads aloud:

Is he attending and searching? For example: purposely looking for information within the print and pictures, known words, familiar text features (punctuation, words that are in bold /italics etc.) and sentence structure (grammar / we can say it that way).

Is she predicting? For example: Anticipating what will come next / forming expectations by using prior knowledge of experiences and language.

Is he cross-checking and confirming? For example: Checking that it makes sense and fits with what has already been read.

Is she self-correcting? For example: Stopping /  looking puzzled, searching for  additional information to arrive at the right meaning.

These are all processes that your child is being prompted to use every time he / she reads from the earliest lessons to the last lesson.

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