Word Solving Prompts for Writing

writingHere are some word solving prompts I have recently used when my students have been working out how to write an unknown word. I have a list of all the words that each student has independently written before so l know which words will be useful for comparisons. I might also refer to books that were just read, or refer to previous pages in the writing book.

Say it slowly. Do you know a word like that? (zoo)

Say the 2 parts. Think about he. You know the ending.

Do you think it will be c, k or ck? Are you going to write n or en? (What would you expect to see?)

You know a word that rhymes with book. (look)

What will go on the end to make it look right? (Same prompt had been successfully used for bike.)

It ends like mother, father, monster.

Look back at this page. Look how you wrote rain. Circle the 3 letters making the ‘ain’ sound. Use them in paint.

Baby Bear asked a question – Who makes honey? Think about who in the book. How did it start? Can you write more? Let’s check it.thinking

When a prompt is given you are asking the child to activate his / her thinking.

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