At our last Ongoing Professional Learning session we were shown this video about Ba-Da-Bing. It is about adding extra information to make sentences more interesting / exciting. The student starts with a simple idea and then thinks about: Where did I go? What did I see? How did I feel?

Our tutor gave us the starting sentence ‘I watched the football’. In pairs we added more information using the 3 questions above, e.g. Last season I watched Carlton play St Kilda at Etihad Stadium. It was great to see the Carlton fans madly cheering and waving their flags as wins didn’t happen very often. l was so excited that there was hope for the future.

Here is another video about applying Ba-Da-Bing using slightly different questions (that mean the same thing).

Teachers can use 3 pictures ( e.g. feet, eyes, thought bubble) to prompt the students to think and talk about what they are going to write. Talking is important for getting ideas and picturing an event or topic in our minds so that we can describe it to someone else. This will help students to clarify what they are going to write. We came away from our session planning to try Ba-Da-Bing with our students.

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