End of year testing

boy with booksIt’s that time of the year again… our current Reading Recovery students are finalising their lessons for the year and testing is taking place for all of the students who have had Reading Recovery during 2015.

The Observation Survey will again be used to measure the growth that each student has made across the year. (I hope!) I have written an earlier post describing the 6 tasks that make up the Observation Survey. (Reading books to find a ‘just right’ reading level, Letter Identification, Concepts About Print, Word Reading, Writing Vocabulary and Hearing And Recording Sounds In Words-dictation.) It is anticipated that most of our students will ‘graduate’ from Reading Recovery at the end of the year. 1 or 2 students may carry-over to 2016 as they have not had enough lessons yet to be ready to discontinue.

You might like to watch a video of 2 teachers taking an Observation Survey.

You will be very patient, or keen, if you sit through all of it! You might like to fast forward to just see some of each task. All teachers are given very detailed instructions of how to administer each task. The same questions are asked each time. However, we do not give as many prompts to our students when they are thinking of  words that they can independently write (Writing Vocabulary) as these teachers did.

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