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Today I took some photos of a student sorting, un-jumbling and reading the sentences from her I like book. (See previous post.) This is an activity I often do during Roaming The Known with students who are reading below level 2 and / or not matching 1 spoken word to 1 written word.

kmartThe book is made up of 5 different coloured pages. The student dictates the sentence.




matching sentenceThe sentence is copied onto a strip of paper using the same coloured marker as the page, for ease of matching the right cards to the page.





2 partsThe sentence is cut into 2 parts for the child to put back together.





3 partsI gradually cut the sentence into more parts. Each time the student searches for the correct parts to put back into order so that the sentence makes sense. (Sounds right and looks right.) I leave the book open until the task becomes easy.




4 partsEventually the sentence is cut into individual words. It may take more than one day for the student to be able to manage individual words. The page may be covered during the un-jumbling and only uncovered to check it is right.




dadA new page is created the next day. The previous pages are reread and the sentences are sorted every day.





plastic pocketThe individual words cards are kept in a plastic pocket and slipped inside the book.





sorting1The words are sorted according to the colour before the sentences are un-jumbled each day. This student now has 5 sentences that she can read and remake. Tomorrow she is going to sort her words into piles, e.g. words that are the same, words that begin with the same letter, and any other suggestions that she might have.

Last week this student had a lot of difficulty reading any book and her eyes were often not looking at the words. Now she confidently reads this book and she recognises many of the individual words as she is searching for them.

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