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uniteOn the Fun Links page there are many links to online books. Here is another great site- Unite For Literacy.

The Unite for Literacy organization is run by educators and writers who want to bring the joy of reading to every home. They have published almost 200 digital books in the free library and have narrations available in multiple languages.

When you first go to the site, you’ll be asked to put in your location, e.g. Australia. There’s no sign-up or teacher login. (There will be advertising which is why they want your location.)

Scroll through the books to select the one that you want. The books are mostly targeted at pre school – Year 2 children.

There are many non-fiction books as well as stories. Use the icons to select books about animals, plants and food, Earth and sky, technology, health, family, friends, communities, art and play, and skills (e.g. math, colours, shapes, opposites, etc.).

Children can listen to the books in a variety of languages. (Choose the desired language from the menu next to the Narration icon.) After listening to the book, your child might like to try reading along with the narration or try reading it independently.

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