Learning to step back

Today (Thursday) I saw this quote on Twitter:

Sometimes the one who needs to become less dependent is the teacher, not the student. Learning to step back is not easy.

This can be so true. Coincidently, just this week a student told me that the reason she worriedcould not ‘read good’ was because ‘you talk too much’. I was quite taken aback. Were my prompts¬†really interfering with her own thought processes? I thought I was being supportive!

I asked her to further explain herself- “A word is coming in my head … and you say a word….. and stop it“.

Wow, what a challenge… prompting much self reflection. Needless to say I am now more mindful of giving this student even more time to work on her own problem solving.

You might like to ask yourself if you are being ‘too helpful’ too. Step back and see what happens.

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