Report Writing Time

report writingThis is my favourite Report Writing picture. You may see many teachers looking like this at the moment!

Last week I re-administered the Observation Survey to all of my students in preparation for writing the mid-year reports. Fortunately the results did not cause the expression in the picture! Now I have to write all the many things I know about your child … and not make it too long…. and not use ‘teacher language’ that would be tricky to understand. You will receive the Reading Recovery report with the classroom teacher’s report.

The report will tell you what your child is already doing well and what still needs to be known and practised. Hopefully you will find it very helpful. Don’t forget that you do not need to wait for the formal interviews to see me if you have any concerns. It is easiest to find me in Room 12 before 8.50. (Lessons begin at 8.50.)

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