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education_clipart_blackboardABC television recently showed a 4 part series called Revolution School. Overriding messages from the documentary included the influence that teachers have on their students, and how programs tailored for a variety of needs and abilities are powerful factors in lifting the learning of the students.

Educational experts agree that teachers should continue with their own professional learning, and schools should provide a supportive environment to ensure the best learning opportunities for all of the students.

We have seen many teachers who have been effective with students, including those students with difficulties, because they have had professional knowledge and they have been in an environment where they could use that professional knowledge to make … decisions appropriate to their learners’ needs.
From The Place Of Phonics In Learning To Read And Write by Emmitt, Hornsby and Wilson. (2013)

At St Albans East Primary we are very fortunate to have a principal who fully supports the ongoing learning of all of her staff. The two Reading Recovery teachers continue to have ongoing learning opportunities throughout the year by meeting with our Reading Recovery Tutor and other Reading Recovery teachers to learn about the best ways to teach our students. We also visit each other at our schools to observe and discuss our teaching methods.

Reading Recovery is an expensive program for the school. It is a big commitment. It is a valued program because of the difference it makes to the students, both emotionally and academically.

homework bagAs mentioned at the recent interviews, please support you child at home by reinforcing the importance of completing the daily homework. Have your child read at least 1 book every day during the holidays.

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