Multiple ways of learning

One of my students has difficulty remembering the word ‘the‘ despite it being a word that is seen often! Here are some ways that she experienced this word on Friday.

rub out theRubbing out the words on the little whiteboard as I asked her to locate each one. The word ‘the‘ was written the most. The other words were ones that she knew well.





find theFinding all the  ‘the‘ words on a page of afind the again
familiar book before she read it to me.





mag letter

Making the word with magnetic letters. Sliding her finger under the finished word from left to right in order to get a picture of it ‘in her head’.


writing theWriting the word 5 times in her writing book before adding it to her daily sentence.






new bookLocating the word on the cover of her new book at the end of the lesson.

Hopefully all of these tasks will help her to easily recognise the word the next time she sees it.fingers crossed

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