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graduateReading Recovery takes place with students in Year One in order to catch those who are already slipping behind the other students in the class. After 15 – 20 weeks of intense instruction the student graduates from Reading Recovery, but he or she is not to be considered ‘fixed’. He or she will probably need to be given extra assistance within the classroom (and at home) to ensure continual advancement, and no slipping back into bad habits.

As Marie Clay wrote:

The child has come a long way in a short time, but still has a long distance to travel (to become an independent learner) … (after Reading Recovery) some children may react with new doubts about their ability to cope. ( Literacy Lessons Designed For Individuals)

How can you help at home AFTER Reading Recovery?

Keep doing what you have been doing. Continue to hear your child read EVERY day. Keep up the momentum of all the good habits and strategies that your child has been using.

Think about these questions as you listen to the reading:
– Is your child reading smoothly or word by word?
– Are you jumping in to help without giving ‘wait time’?
– Is your child expecting you to do the reading work if he  / she is stuck?
– Is your child slipping back into a bad habit that you have not seen in a while, e.g. ONLY saying a few letters to guess an unsuitable word?
– Is your child rereading, taking words apart, checking that the reading sounds right and makes sense, and trying again?
– Is your child using the meaning of the story (by rereading, checking the picture) to support taking the word apart to solve words?

Use opportunities for reading and writing within your daily life. Here are just a few of the many websites that are full of ideas:

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