Some reminders

Sometimes missing lessons is unavoidable, e.g. there were no lessons last Friday as we were attending Professional Development in Ballarat with our Reading Recovery tutor. Sometimes the student, or teacher, is too sick to attend school. However, unless there is a very good reason to be away, your child should attend school every day.

Every lesson builds upon what happened the day before. The bigger the gap between this new learning and the next lesson, the more opportunity there is to forget.

Books that are familiar to the student are sent home each day so that he / she can apply independent reading (reading without help). The more reading that is done, the more the child has opportunities to discover new ways of solving words and gaining meaning.

Please ensure that the reading and pasting homework is being done. It is useful to set aside the same time each day so that it becomes a habit, and your child is less likely to ‘forget’ to do it. As soon as it is done it should be put back in the school bag ready to be returned.

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Homework books

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