A Tale Of 2 Students

2 students (from an unnamed school) began Reading Recovery a day apart. Student A was reading Level 3, and Student B was reading Level 4. Their Observation Survey scores were almost identical.

For the 1st 4 weeks of their series of lessons the students kept pace with each other. But after Week 4 Student B stalled on Levels 5 and 6 but Student A continued to progress a reading level each week.

What changed?     Attendance.

 Student A

 Student B

Student A was away for a total of 6 days so he missed 6 lessons. Student B was absent for 18 days so she has missed 18 lessons. There was only 1 week that she was at school every day.

(FYI- the week 24/03/17 is missing from Student B as she did not attend school at all that week.)

9 weeks from the beginning of Reading Recovery, Student A is reading Level 10 and Student B is reading Level 7, (despite the latter beginning 1 level ahead). Ironically Student A would have been reading Level 11 (4 levels above Student B) but he was away on the last day of this sampling!

There are many reasons why one student may progress at a different rate to a peer, but the teacher of these 2 students considers that the difference between them is the number of lessons that have been missed. As I have stated before, every lesson builds upon what happened the day before. The bigger the gap between this new learning and the next lesson, the more opportunity there is to forget.

It is sensible to keep a child at home if he / she is unwell. It is not sensible to keep a child at home because it is raining, to get a haircut, to buy new shoes, to go visiting etc. etc. Missing lessons will alter the progress of your child.

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