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This week I have  continued  using the same composing idea suggested by our Reading Recovery tutor. (See previous post.)

The students have adapted very well, and some of them anticipate that I will ask them to select 3 words from one of their books. They make comments such as “That would be a good ‘special’ word”.

Here are some examples from the past week:

Dad threw the ball and Jack hit the ball. That was good.

Billy likes bread and he is hungry. The bread was for the ducks.

Sam said, “Please stay with me”. Bingo did not run away.

Fat Cat crashed into the paint. Then the paint went on the grass.

Billy said he likes walking to school with Jack. Mum said, “You will be 5 on your birthday”.

Baby Bear sang, “Honey for tea”. He said, “The honey is gone”. Baby Bear said he is lost.

Baby Bear said, “Boo!” when he was hiding in a little tree house.

The goats ate the turnips and the bee came along and chased them out of the field.

An acorn fell down on Chicken Licken’s head and then Duck-Luck came along.

Max was going to be a wolf but his throat felt sore. Grandad did it.

The Billy Goat Gruff butted the troll off the bridge into the water.

The troll went down the river to a farm to eat the vegetables and fruit.

Here is one of my students holding up his writing book. He used to be quite a reluctant writer. He doesn’t mind the handwriting so much any more as he is keen to get his message written down.

So far the students have been able to view their 3 chosen words on a small whiteboard. 

FYI, mean (a familiar word) was used to write eat, and car (a familiar word) was used to write farm.

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