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During the past week my students have continued to use their books to choose 3 ‘interesting’ or ‘special’ words to include in their daily sentences. The following examples demonstrate their current composing.

Student 1 is still Roaming. He was asked to choose 1 word to include in his sentence: Fat Cat is hungry and he scratched Kitty Cat.

Student 2 is only a few weeks into his lessons and he composed more than he could write (in the time he had) so I wrote the ending for him.
Kitty Cat is eating Fat Cat’s food and he saw her and he said, “Go away!” and he chased her.

Student 3 picked out 3 words from her chosen book and she composed a story that was very different to the original story:
I found a baby chimp in the forest and it didn’t have a mum so then I took it to my house and then I patted it.

Student 4 asked if he could pick a word from 3 different books in his box and he wrote:
I wonder if I could ride a bike at the forest to see a fox.

On another day the same student wanted to write about a very recent experience that was important to him:
The dental van was a little bit scary because I thought they would take out my teeth.
(He definitely did not need any extra inspiration for a topic!)

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